About Lightning Science

Our purpose at Lightning Science is to build a community to educate and advocate for science. We use science to reach, engage and educate people, making the world a smarter, more livable place.


We are about changing the world…

We believe that science is the best tool we have to improve the quality of life on earth. By helping people to understand, support, and use science in their lives, we can make the world a better place.

We embody science

We present information accurately and truthfully, without bias. We use evidence-based knowledge to make decisions. And when we make mistakes, we admit them and learn from them.

We are open and inclusive

We understand that great objectives require a community. Therefore, we strive to build a supportive and inclusive environment. We invite people to join us, rather than creating divisions to keep people out.

We are youth-oriented

Young people are the future. To change the world, we need to reach young people as they are forming opinions that will shape their lives, using the communications media and language that they understand.